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5-Ingredient Recipes

Super-simple meals that don’t skimp on flavor

We’re all trying to limit our trips to the grocery store these days. For many of us, that means rethinking mealtime and using ingredients creatively and wisely.

That’s where these recipes come in. Whether you’re rustling up dinner from items already in your kitchen or trying to make do with less, these options are the perfect way to do a lot with a little.

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Easy to make—and done in 15 minutes flat—these low-carb delights are perfect for lunch.

Grilled Steak With Mushrooms

 This protein-packed dish is a good excuse to fire up the grill!

Pecan-Crusted Chicken Breast

Get the crunch of fried chicken without all the oil.

Chicken Caesar Lunch Wraps

A quick and easy way to turn a classic salad into a filling sandwich.

Avocado Tuna Salad

With just three ingredients, recipes don’t get much easier. If you don’t have store-bought pico de gallo, make your own with a mix of tomato, onion, and pepper.

Pineapple and Chili Quesadillas

An easy-to-make Tex-Mex favorite with a tropical twist. Bonus: Canned pineapple is never out of season!

Open-Faced Sweet Potato “Sandwich”

A sweet potato serves as a base for zucchini and red bell peppers. Not a fan of those veggies? Swap them out for your favorites.



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