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Get a Handle on Taking Multiple Meds

By Miriam E. Tucker , ,


Two-thirds of older Americans take more than one medication, a survey of 2,131 adults ages 50 to 80 found. Electronic health records typically flag dangerous combinations, but some only review a single medication list. In the survey, 21 percent of respondents reported using more than one pharmacy, and 69 percent received prescriptions from multiple doctors. Of concern, only a third reported speaking with a health care provider about possible risks from taking certain medications together. One solution: Bring a list of the names and dosages of everything you’re taking to your doctor or pharmacist (or store it on your cell phone so the list is readily available). Include prescription and over-the-counter drugs and supplements, and be sure to mention if you drink alcohol, which can mix dangerously with certain medications. Think you’re taking too many medications? Find out if “deprescribing” is right for you at diabetesforecast.org/deprescribing.
Source: University of Michigan, published online Nov. 29, 2017



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