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Stabilize Blood Glucose Before Surgery

By Miriam E. Tucker , ,


People with diabetes who are scheduled for surgery should aim for in-range blood glucose on the day of their procedure. In 2013, a Boston hospital began a program to help people with diabetes aim for blood glucose levels below 200 mg/dl on the day of their surgery. Researchers monitored blood glucose and surgery outcomes for about 3,900 people with diabetes who took part in the program. Average blood glucose levels the day of surgery were 140 mg/dl with the program, compared with a significantly higher 146 mg/dl during 2011–2012, before the program started. With the program, blood glucose levels were lower during participants’ entire hospital stays, low blood glucose (hypoglycemia) episodes were cut nearly in half, and hospital stays were slightly shorter. One explanation: Higher blood glucose levels can slow healing. 
Source: Annals of Surgery, published online May 25, 2017



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