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Fresh Ideas For Staying Healthy This Season


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Sip Smart

Serve any caloric beverage, like wine or a cocktail, in a champagne glass (above)* for portion-friendly sipping. —Jackie Newgent, RDN, CDN

*For a festive garnish, moisten the rim with diluted sugar-free syrup, then dip it into crushed sugar-free candy.

If I go out golfing in cold conditions, I wear my rain pants—they’re waterproof, wind resistant, and insulated—and I make sure my pump is under them. That way, it stays dry and gets the advantage of the insulation, plus the pants retain my body heat. —Paul Jordan

The hardest part about Boston winters is waiting for public transportation in the cold. To make sure my diabetes supplies stay warm, I turn my pump so that the insulin is closer to my body. I also use a cross-body purse and put my meter in it, under my coat, to keep it warm. —Phyllis Kaplan

You can lower the carbohydrate in your homemade brownies by using black beans instead of flour. Use 1 cup of canned black beans—rinsed, drained, and pureed—as a sub for 1 cup of white flour. Canned black beans have half the carbs of flour and are packed with fiber. The brownies end up more fudgy than cakey, but they’re surprisingly yummy! —Susan Weiner, CDE, MS, RDN, CDN

At restaurants, I divide the food on my plate into two portions: one to eat and one to take home. I do this before I start eating to help regulate portion size. —Shelley Rau

I protect my feet by checking them every morning. To make sure I don’t forget, I put something in my socks that must be removed—a tennis ball or my watch, for instance. Whatever you use as a reminder should be big enough that, if you have nerve damage, you don’t run the risk of forgetting to remove it and walking around on it all day. —Christel Oerum

I put emergency glucose tablets in my husband’s work bag. If I go low, it’s easier for him to locate them there than it is to enter a very scary woman’s handbag! —Jeribelle2000

I hadn’t eaten pizza since I was diagnosed almost three years ago—until I came up with this healthier version: whole wheat crepe with tomato sauce and low-fat cheese, plus my favorite topping—anchovies and garlic. It tastes so good and doesn’t send [my blood glucose] rocketing! —JM1977  


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