Diabetes Forecast

New and Notable Products

By Tracey Neithercott ,

The following products are making their Consumer Guide debut.

» Turn your phone into a meter
Sanofi-Aventis's iBGStar is the size of a USB drive but acts like a fully functioning meter when attached to an iPhone or iPod Touch (but not the iPhone 5, without an adapter). Used solo, it'll provide a simple reading. But plug it in and you can take notes in an app on your phone or automatically chart data and analyze trends.

» Send BGs to MiniMed devices
If you use a MiniMed insulin pump or pump-CGM, you can forget about manually entering blood glucose data. The Contour Next Link meter wirelessly relays readings to the pump, potentially reducing errors and saving you an added step.

» Set CGM alarm tones
Continuous glucose monitors are useful for alerting users when their glucose is dipping or rising, and with Dexcom's G4 Platinum, users can set various sounds for different alarms for a more ear-pleasing experience.

» Show off a color screen
The folks at Tandem heard the cry for a diabetes device that looks as sleek as smartphones and music players: They developed the T:slim pump. The touch-screen design is slim and sleek, the battery rechargeable, and basal-rate increments the teensiest around, at 0.001 units.

» Corral insulin pump tubing
Tangled tubing is a serious source of frustration, which is why Tubeguard aims to simplify the pumping experience. Roll your infusion set tubing around the lightweight hub, which clips to your waistband, to reduce chaos—and increase protection against kinks in the tubing or tugs at the infusion set.

» Use, then toss, your pump
Understanding that people with type 2 diabetes may not require as intensive insulin therapy as those with type 1, Valeritas created the disposable V-Go. The patch pump has a set basal range and a button for boluses.

» Safely attach and discard pen needles
Attaching a needle to your insulin penjust got easier: Unifine Pentips Plus come in a large container that can stand on a flat surface and allows for an easier grip. The container includes a locking chamber for used needles to hold sharps until you safely can dispose of them.

» Pour some sugar powder
Yes, these glucose packets remind us of Pixie Stix. Quick Sticks travel well and are easy to open and eat—even if you're in the throes of hypoglycemia. Some users report needing a drink to wash down the dry powder.

» Enjoy dessert-inspired flavors
Glucose product manufacturers tend to concentrate on fruity flavors. Level Life gels come in squeezable packs and are available in caramel and vanilla.

» Monitor BGs remotely
Parents of kids with diabetes can rest easier with mySentry (not pictured in this guide), which relays data from a MiniMed Paradigm Real-Time Revel CGM to a hub that's up to 50 feet away. That means you can see a child's blood glucose level and trends, and watch and listen for low, high, and battery alarms without leaving your bed. Learn more: medtronicdiabetes.com/products/mysentry

—Tracey Neithercott



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