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Diabetes Innovator: Matthew Tendler

By Tracey Neithercott , ,

Matthew Tendler
Diabetes Pal

Fresh out of college and still relatively new to his type 1 diabetes, Matthew Tendler gave up a career in finance to work on one of the first mobile glucose logs, Glucose Buddy. Tendler moved on from the company two years ago, but he hasn't left the diabetes app world entirely. He's now vice president of product development and mobile strategy at Telcare, the maker of a newly launched meter that wirelessly sends readings to a computer or the Diabetes Pal app.

Though Tendler had a team of capable engineers to work on the technical aspects of Diabetes Pal, he had a vision of how it should work. "I have a really strong understanding of what users need," he says, referring to his time with Glucose Buddy and his own diabetes. Instead of giving users the kitchen sink, Tendler opted to do a few things really well: logging glucose, organizing data for easy analysis, and allowing caregivers to view real-time updates—a feature his mother takes advantage of on a regular basis.



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