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ADA EXPO Brings Experts to You

Navigating the world of diabetes care can be overwhelming, especially if it's new to you. Where do you turn for help? You can find answers to many questions at American Diabetes Association EXPO® events, free one-day health fairs in nearly a dozen metropolitan areas that bring health care professionals, diabetes experts, product exhibitors, and volunteers under one roof. "From head to toe, it's a day to learn about your health and, if you have diabetes, how to manage it," says Emily Fay, senior manager of mission delivery in the Association's Denver office. Not to mention take home plenty of free swag, such as informational pamphlets, pedometers, and samples of glucose products.

Each EXPO has different features, yet all touch on living well with diabetes or prediabetes. Major areas of interest include food, exercise, expert help, children's health, and getting involved with the ADA. We've provided you with a basic guide to get started on your EXPO visit. Check out all the features at EXPO!



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