Diabetes Forecast

Signs of Hypoglycemia

Here are signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia—from milder, more common indicators to most severe. Signs are things others can notice, while symptoms are sensations that only the person with diabetes can notice and express.

• Shakiness

• Nervousness or anxiety

• Sweating, chills, and clamminess

• Irritability or impatience

• Confusion

• Rapid/fast heartbeat

• Light-headedness or dizziness

• Hunger and nausea

• Color draining from the skin (pallor)

• Sleepiness

• Blurred/impaired vision

• Tingling or numbness in the lips or tongue

• Headaches

• Weakness or fatigue

• Anger, sadness, or stubbornness

• Lack of coordination, clumsiness

• Nightmares or crying out during sleep

• Bizarre behavior

• Seizures

• Unconsciousness

Source: American Diabetes Association



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