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An Online Tool for Managing Diabetes

Diabetes 24/7, a free Web-based application for tracking and sharing personal health information, is now available from the American Diabetes Association. The online tool offers a way for people with diabetes to organize information, send it to their health care providers, and act on it to better manage their condition.

The Web app employs the data-sharing capability of Microsoft's HealthVault program. It allows users to monitor their diabetes by tracking and compiling data such as blood glucose patterns, lab results, and exercise sessions. With Diabetes 24/7, people with diabetes can transmit data from HealthVault-enabled devices like blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, and pedometers.

"Nearly 26 million people are living with diabetes, and another 79 million are estimated to have prediabetes," says Dwight Holing, secretary-treasurer of the ADA. "To stop this epidemic, we must provide innovative tools for people to effectively manage their condition."

So how does Diabetes 24/7 work? Here's a quick guide:

Why use Diabetes 24/7?

Because it compiles users' personal health data, Diabetes 24/7 provides an experience that is specific to each person with diabetes. In addition, the American Diabetes Association will channel health tips, news, and information via Diabetes 24/7 to help users manage their condition, or that of a family member. The application will also link to diabetes.org, the ADA's website.

Where can I find the Diabetes 24/7 application, and how can I install it on my computer?

No download or installation is necessary. The Web-based application will reside at 247.diabetes.org. It runs on the website, which accesses user data stored securely in Microsoft's HealthVault.

Is my blood glucose meter compatible with Diabetes 24/7?

HealthVault currently supports a total of 12 blood glucose meters from three companies (Bayer, LifeScan, and Nipro Diagnostics). You can also manually enter glucose readings from any meter and then track that information and share it.

Will I know I'm using HealthVault when I'm at Diabetes 24/7?

You will log in to a HealthVault account and from there move into Diabetes 24/7. The application will seamlessly integrate data from other HealthVault apps. For example, if you used a HealthVault app for monitoring your medications, you would only have to import or input your medications once, and then they would be available to you at Diabetes 24/7.

Whom can I share my health information with?

You can give access to anyone you choose—your doctor, a school nurse, a family member. Your health information remains confidential and won't be provided to anyone you don't specifically give permission to.



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