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MyFoodAdvisor Makes Meal Planning Simple


MyFoodAdvisor, the American Diabetes Association's award-winning online nutrition tool, has been expanded to better help visitors track their daily meals, find healthier substitutes for various foods, and browse recipes. Here are some of the new and updated features you can find at diabetes.org/myfoodadvisor:

Track It.

This tool helps you create goals for calorie, carb, sodium, saturated fat, and fiber intake, and suggests alternative food choices as you work to meet your targets.

Healthier Alternative.

After you type a menu item, such as ground beef, into the food search field, a button will pop up asking whether you want to learn about other options, such as turkey, tofu, or beans.

Create a Dish.

This feature provides nutrition facts for your personal recipes, and offers smart substitutes for your original recipe ingredients.

En Español.

Everything on MyFoodAdvisor is now also available in Spanish.



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