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Diabetes Design Contest Winners

By Tracey Neithercott ,

Three months ago, Amy Tenderich of the blog Diabetes Mine launched her 2010 Design Challenge, soliciting innovative diabetes product ideas from medical experts, organizations, students, professional designers, entrepreneurs, and anyone affected by diabetes. Now she has announced the grand-prize winners, each of whom receive $7,000, a ticket to the Health 2.0 Conference, and a consultation with design firm IDEO Design.

The winning entries included designs for a colorful, fish-shaped glucose meter for kids; a car sensor that wirelessly communicates with a blood glucose meter to prevent people with diabetes from driving with low blood glucose; and a hybrid pump-continuous glucose monitor arm band.

Tenderich and a panel of expert judges also awarded $1,000 prizes for the most creative idea (an interactive game for kids with diabetes) and the best entry from a child (a glucose meter in the shape of an animal.)

To read more about the Design Challenge winners, click here and here.



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